Greatwide Dedicated Transport

Physical Damage Insurance Advantage
The competitive rates plus the extra coverage’s that are available make the program one of the premier independent contractor programs in the nation. Check out the prices and the benefits.

Ease of securing coverage: You are automatically eligible for the program.
Securing coverage and paying the premium have never been easier. A
certificate of insurance is issued immediately to you and your financial
institution when you sign up. Your monthly premium will be taken out of
your settlement the same time every month.

Enhanced Coverage: Only through the Greatwide™ Dedicated Transport
physical damage program can you be covered for the additional towing
charges incurred by a trailer you are pulling and for the debris cleanup
caused by damaged cargo. This valuable coverage is automatically included
when your physical damage is provided under the program. This is not
standard towing coverage. Typical policies only cover the towing bill
specifically charged to the tractor.
Deductibles: The program provides for a $1,000 deductible for all losses. This
applies to both comprehensive perils and collision. Additionally, we are again
offering the diminishing deductible that rewards contractors who don't have
Gap Coverage: (Included at no additional premium.) When your rig is
financed, it is important to insure to value or to the limit owed to your lender,
whichever is greater. Gap coverage provides coverage for the amount of the
loan in excess of the actual cash value of the equipment. If your truck has
a value of $25,000, and you owe $30,000 on it, then you have a gap of $5,000.
Gap coverage protects you from having to come out of pocket to pay off the
bank when you total your truck and owe more than the truck is worth. The
policy will never pay more than the declared amount, but now will take into
consideration your loan balance when settling a claim.
Valuation: Buying the right amount of coverage is always difficult. If you
over-insure, you are throwing money away. Even worse, if you under-insure,
then in the event of a total loss there may not be enough coverage to pay off
the loan or purchase a replacement unit. The truck owner is responsible for
selecting the value of the truck. The Mondics Insurance Group has available
NADA pricing that may assist in determining the value. Do not attempt to
save a small amount monthly at the risk of having insufficient funds in the
event of a loss.
Pricing: The competitive rates plus the extra coverages that are available
make the program one of the premier independent contractor programs in
the nation. Check out the prices and the benefits.

TRUXPRO ( $12.00 monthly premium Must carry physical damage coverage to participate)

Addresses the extra needs of the owner operator by offering these
additional coverages:
Downtime coverage including rental reimbursement:
- $150 per day
- $5,000 maximum
- 7-day waiting period

- Coverage applies after a covered loss
Diminishing Deductible:
The deductible decreases 25% every year a
contractor doesn't have a loss. If a driver has a $1,000 deductible and
goes one year without a loss, then the deductible would be $750 the next
year, $500 the next year, $250 the next year and $0 afterward. When and
if they have a loss, the deductible resets to $1,000. If you have been under
the program for a year and loss-free, you have already benefited for the
upcoming year.
Personal Effects Coverage: $5,000 any one loss subject to a $250 deductible
for loss to insured's personal property. Property must be in the insured truck.
Unattended trucks must have evidence of forced entry.
Electronic Equipment Coverage: $5,000 any one loss subject to a
$250 deductible for loss to electronic equipment including satellite
communication equipment that is permanently installed. Property must be
in the insured truck, and if the truck is unattended there must be evidence of
forced entry.

Deductible Buyback Coverage : For $25.00 monthly you
can participate in the deductible buyback coverage. This coverage reduces
your obligation under the lease from as much as $3,000.00 for damage to
cargo, trailer or property damage liability to a maximum of $100.00 any one